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M.R. – Italy said:
Unit 9 briefly discusses the topic of lesson planning. Not only does it ask the question of whether or not lesson planning is necessary, but it also asks how a lesson plan should be written, and what should be included in lesson plans, as well as providing a sample lesson plan and form, a form for a self-evaluation, as well as a variety of lesson materials to use or be inspired from. Overall I enjoyed this unit very much. Personally, I did not start creating my own lesson plans until a few months after I began teaching. If I had had a resource like this earlier on in my teaching career, it would have been much easier and less stressful for me to do my job. I liked how this unit brought up continuous review as a way to help students really internalize what they have learned. Long-term review is not something that I have really been utilizing with my current lessons. I was also very interested in seeing the self-evaluation form. While there have been many times where I have sat at my desk at the end of the day and processed whether or not classes went well or went poorly, I never considered doing a written self-evaluation to really help me improve upon my successes and failures.