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TESOL Certification Norway Oslo
Unit 20 focuses on some common problem situations that most language teachers will face at some time and offers practical suggestions and solutions...
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TESOL Certification Japan Naha
I have learned that a good teacher considers everything, starting with themselves and then moving on the their students...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kure
Stress,rhythm ,intonation and phonetic alphabet are helps to student to understand the pronunciation of English...
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TESOL Certification Japan Iwakuni
When teaching the use tense's to students, teacher's should take the environment the student's have been brought up in before engaging in the actual teaching of the system...
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TESOL Certification Italy Reggio Calabria
This unit provides a balance for the teacher, in having flexibility in the choice of material, bearing in mind the knowledge and understanding of the students...
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TESOL Certification Iraq Basra
In this unit, it is important to highlight that a teacher should care about learning, but more importantly, care about their learners...
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TESOL Certification Iraq Amarah
I learned that past tense forms of things can get tricky when you are trying to talk about actions and their length in the past, and how to indicate whether they are still going on, whether they are completed, whether one action interrupts another, and how to best convey this in the English language...
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TESOL Certification Iraq Adhamiyah
In this unit, I got to learn how to teach new language to students, which is important to know what can and can't be done when teaching vocabulary, grammar structure and language function to the students...
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TESOL Certification India Maunath Bhanjan
The content of Unit 11 is of the two receptive skills, reading and listening, with description of the different skills required: predictive, scanning, skimming, detailed reading/listening and deduction from context...
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TESOL Certification India Alwar
This unit introduces the use of materials and activities in the classroom as well as lesson planning and classroom management techniques...
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TESOL Certification India Allahabad
From this unit i have learnt as i did from a previous unit, the importance of establishing rapport betweent the students and teacher as well as between the students themselves...
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TESOL Certification India Aligarh
This unit holds that in order to acquire new language, one has to be exposed to it, understand its meaning, its construction and be able to speak it...
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TESOL Certification Guinea Conakry
In this unit I learned different techniques about how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions...
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TESOL Certification Guangxi Yulin
The Course Books and Lesson Materials chapter was very short but is incredibly important to consider when thinking about teaching...
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TESOL Certification Costa Rica San Jose
This unit provides a strong definition to the methods that are used in language teaching, which most teachers possible subconsciously do use...
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