Class TESOL Language

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P.B. - Pakistan said:
Being a fluent english speaker does not necessarily mean that I am a good teacher. I think that teaching abilities are something that we all possess, but they need to be awakened within us. This course has awakened those abilities in me and it has also taught me skills that I can now use to be an effective teacher. I can now step into the classroom with confidence, knowing that I know what I am talking about and that I will be able to have a positive influence on my students. I now have good ideas for activities for each phase of ESA, as well as the purpose of ESA to make the most of time in the classroom. I know how to develop a lesson plan so that my classes will be efficient and be designed to meet certain objectives. I know how to modify methods and techniques depending on the students’ needs and culture, as well as my personality. I have some knowledge of specific strengths and weaknesses of special groups such as young learners and adult learners. I see that what I have taken for granted as a native english speaker, I now appreciate the difficulty of learning the complexities of our language that a second or third language learner has to deal with. None of these things are learned just because we speak the language. They have to be taught, and this course and my tutor has done an excellent job teaching me and equipping me to be a great teacher.