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TESOL Jobs United Kingdom Blackpool
Ä° found learning about the future tenses one of the most difficult, becauseÄ° had to choose between several different ways of referring to the future and each one of them has a different meaning...
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TESOL Jobs Tanzania Morogoro
For a brief overview of the content of this unit, I have learned from example in the format of video recording of what an English classroom may look like, the proper way to come in to the classroom, and the wrong way to go about instruction with regards to: attitude, demeanor, observation, lesson planning, and interaction...
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TESOL Jobs Tanzania Mbeya
This unit was great, the information provided was detailed and explained a variety of aspects that go into a lesson...
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TESOL Jobs Tanzania Dodoma
While strictly sticking to a lesson plan is inflexible, lesson planning is an integral skill for any teacher to have...
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TESOL Jobs Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
This unit Teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening has shown me that there are many different reasons for how we read...
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TESOL Jobs Tanzania Arusha
In this unit, different lessons planning were given for the teaching of grammar, vocabulary, structures, and functions...
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TESOL Jobs Senegal Pikine
A unit relatively heavy in teaching theories, where the introduction of ESA methodology was enlightening to understand how classes work and how they should be planned...
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TESOL Jobs Senegal Kaolack
This unit covered potential issues that a teacher could face in the classroom when trying to teach...
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TESOL Jobs Russia Samara
This unit covered activities that would help with the actual understanding of written information and texts, and of heard materials...
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TESOL Jobs Russia Saint Petersburg
I feel that this unit helped to direct the information from previous lessons into practical applications in the classroom...
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TESOL Jobs Russia Rybinsk
Unit 2 'Parts of speech' touches on the multiple components that make up an English sentence...
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TESOL Jobs Peru Chimbote
The receptive skills of reading and listening are vital toward being able to use and communicate in any language effectively...
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TESOL Jobs Peru Cajamarca
In this unit regarding evaluations and testing of students, I learned of the different methods and tests that exist...
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TESOL Jobs Peru Arequipa
What I got from this unit is that there's a strong focus on how a teacher should be in front of his/her students...
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TESOL Jobs Pennsylvania Philadelphia
This is the final unit and in my opinion the most important unit to help guide a prospective Business English teacher to his or her path...
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TESOL Jobs Pakistan Bhalwal
In this unit, we've learnt pronunciation and phonology Intonation - typically rise-fall pattern...
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TESOL Jobs Pakistan Bahawalpur
In this unit I learned of a variety of historical paradigms for second language acquisition, as well as the ESA method that is most preferred today...
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TESOL Jobs Pakistan Abbotabad
In this unit about Teachers and Learners, I learned some valuable techniques that would help me be a better teacher...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Kiryu
Unit 20 teaches about some of the most come problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggest ways of dealing with them...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Kawagoe
The study of pronunciation, intonation and dialects are extremely important for strong fluency...
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TESOL Jobs India Katihar
In this unit, some common methods and techniques of teaching English were introduced...
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TESOL Jobs India Karur
This unit presents equipment and teaching aids which can be used during the teaching-learning process...
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TESOL Jobs India Karnal
This unit gives a great foundation to understanding the attributes that will help to make me a good/great teacher and ways to better understand the students that you are teaching...
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TESOL Jobs Ecuador Tumbes
The conventions of English grammar and the parts of speech can obviously be intimidating to many students involved in the learning process...
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TESOL Jobs Ecuador Quito
This unit helped clarify a lot of the work my teachers had to do when they were teaching me...
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TESOL Jobs Ecuador Quevedo
This was an interesting approach to make the understanding of the theory previously taught be more clear and practical...
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