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As with almost every grammar unit in this program, I definitely learned and came to a better understanding of the language I take advantage of every day. This unit in particular was rather tricky, especially the final section on phrasal verbs, and I definitely appreciated the extra practice in the task sheets this lesson offered on the topic. I am sure that, should this topic be a part of my future lesson plans that this unit will be one that I will comeback and review in addition to my other resources on the topic.This was a challenging unit for me. There were many important lessons I learned. I noticed some slight similarities between all of the tenses, which made it difficult to distinguish the differences. I learned a lot about past present and continuous tenses and the way it is used in he English language. It is very specific and important to understand in order to fully comprehend and express ourselves through reading, writing and speaking English. I can see how foreign learners may struggle with understanding the tenses.