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TESOL Jobs China Qianjiang
This unit focused on the variety of grammatical structures that English uses to talk about the future: the future simple, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the simple present, going to, and the present continuous...
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TESOL Jobs China Pingxiang
This unit gave me a broad overview of methods and techniques employed in teaching languages, including grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, the lexical approach, and several others...
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TESOL Jobs Canada Guelph
Past tense has several variations: past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Canada Calgary
This unit covered the different techniques that are used for teaching EFL, stating that they all have merit and it's wise to use a bit of each throughout the length of the semester or year...
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TESOL Jobs Australia Toowoomba
Present tense is something that we use to describe an action that is currently taking place, something that currently exist, or an action that is habitually performed...
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TESOL Jobs Australia Perth
There are many methodologies in teaching English, one of which is called ESA (Engage, study and activate) regarded as an effective method to motivate students, have them exposed to the language and practiced...
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TESOL Jobs Australia Gold Coast
As many different people learning the English language as their are in the world, so are the reasons for learning...
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TESOL Jobs Algeria Souk Ahras
Unit 11 explains the first two parts of the four skills present for any language - reading and listening...
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TESOL Jobs Algeria Oran
Unit 3 turned out to be very informative for me, though I already knew some most popular methodologies applied in the English classroom...
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TESOL Jobs Algeria Ain Beida
It is useful to understand if the class is a new class or existing class as it helps to determine how the teacher should start the first lesson...
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TESOL Certification Tashkent Uzbekistan
This seventeenth unit approaches the different existing equipment and aids to help teacher have more interesting and effective lessons less depending on text books...
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TESOL Certification Samarkand Uzbekistan
After completion of this unit, I am more confident about the basic grammar usage especially those you sometimes confuse ourselves, such as possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives, or even prepositions...
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TESOL Certification Kokand Uzbekistan
This by far has been my most enjoyable as i am currently tutoring a couple of young learners at the young beginner level and it is a joy watching them develop and gain more confidence each week...
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TESOL Certification Fergana Uzbekistan
Past tenses is such an important part in the learning of English but it can sometimes be quite confusing even for native English speakers, especially with the past perfect tenses...
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TESOL Certification Bukhara Uzbekistan
As for unit (7), teaching new language, was studied, I now have a good idea how to teach new vocabularies with the grammatical structure to those who want to learn new language...
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TESOL Certification Oceanside United States
This unit teaches me how to understand my future students and work effectively with them and keep on track and how to teach the principle to the answer and how to teach the esa and the stages it should be teached in and correctness should be done in the study time and how to have a parent and child relationship with the classroom so that everyone feels welcome...
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TESOL Certification Telford United Kingdom
This module was tricky, although i am already a teacher i found it hard understanding what parts of each section of a lesson would fit into, therefore i recapped the previous modules...
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TESOL Certification Tunis Tunisia
This lesson focused around the present tenses of the English language, including Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous...
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TESOL Certification Gabes Tunisia
This unit taught me the different types of assessments I will need to use as a teacher of English as a foreign language...
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TESOL Certification Terrassa Spain
In this unit we saw the modal auxiliary verbs (can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, neednt and ought to), we saw the passive (the foccus is on the action not the subject) and the active, we saw the relative clauses ( independet, dependent and relative) and the phrasal verbs (Intransitive, transitive and transitive inseparable)...
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TESOL Certification Seville Spain
In this unit, I learned about teaching vocabulary including how to select vocabulary, what students need to know about a vocabulary word, the different techniques to teach vocabulary including Engage (example, pictures), Study (example, gap-fill searches) and Activate (example, debate) and the different types of lessons including straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork...
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