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Conditional sentences containing \"if\"or \"when\" which refer to present, past and future possibilities.There are five types of Conditionals: Zero conditional - if/when + present tense, present tense; First conditional- If + present simple, will; Second Conditional- If + simple past, would/could/might+ base verb; Third Conditional- If + past perfect, would/ could/ might + have + past participle; Mixed Conditional- If+ past perfect, would/ could/ might + base form. Teaching ideas are split sentences, Complete the conditional,Chain conditional,What a question, Nuclear bunker role play and what would happen if. Actual Speech is called direct speech, when we turn direct questions into reported speech, the question word remains but the form of verb change into the positive form, the question mark is omitted, if no question word, we must add if/ whether in the relevant reported speech. In reported speech, verb tense, pronouns and time expression are varied.