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Unit 18 is one of the harder units in this course. There is a lot of important terms about the English language that are vital to learn. We start with modals which are words that are used before verbs to add meaning. Modals also express different ideas about the verb for example the degree of certainty, the possibility or probability of the verb happening. A big part of this unit explains Active and Passive voice. With the passive voice, the object becomes the subject. The tense of the active voice is the same tense used for the passive voice. Its important to note that the passive voice only uses transitive verbs and these are verbs where the pronoun can only come between the verb and the particle. This unit also explains in detail the relative clauses which are classified into two the independent and dependent clause. A dependent clause is never a complete sentence, it needs more explanation to back it up whereas an independent clause is a complete sentence on its own.