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There are many methodologies in teaching English, one of which is called ESA (Engage, study and activate) regarded as an effective method to motivate students, have them exposed to the language and practiced. Engage stage is where the teacher try to arouse students' interests and get them involved in the class. In the study stage,students will focus on the construction of the language by being elicited, presented of language points, drilled exercises and given feedback. Active stage is where students are encouraged to use the language the have learnt. In this stage, fluency is more important than accuracy in Study stage. There are three types of ESA lesson according to the lesson structure. They are 'Straight Arrow', 'Boomerang' and 'Patchwork'.Many different ideas and activities have been mentioned in corresponding stages in ESA lesson. Teachers can apply them accordingly.Giving feedback is also very vital. The aim of giving feedback is to encourage self-awareness and improvement. Who correct, what and when to correct all matter.