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In this unit, I acquired an insight of the different roles a teacher can take in a classroom. These roles are: Manager Organiser Assessor Prompter Participant Tutor Facilitator Observer And model. In this unit, I needed to both understand these roles as well as memorise them. Further on, the unit provides information about what is a good teacher as well as what is a good learner. The differences between young and adult learners. It is important to understand when to act according to the different roles as well as understanding how culture, experiences and age Affect the student’s behaviour in the classroom. There are descriptions or explanations of the different levels of the student’s English skills. The system which describes the levels as: Beginner Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper intermediate Advanced Seems clearer and more comprehensible than: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 I believe the first system, regarding English skills, is easier to remember because words such as beginner and intermediate are more widely used.