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Past tense has several variations: past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. In past simple, we simply add -ed to the base form of the verb after the subject (for regular verbs) e.g. We worked until evening. Past simple is used for actions that were completed in the past. For past perfect, we use subject + has/have + past form of the verb. e.g. By the time the bus got to town, it had made five stops. This tense is usually used when expressing something that happened before another particular past event. For past continuous, the form is subject + was/were + verb with -ing e.g. The sea was ebbing and flowing. This tense can be used to indicate a situation that was in progress, with no indication of whether or when it ceased. For the past perfect continuous, we can use subject + had been + verb + -ing e.g. Before the ceiling was repaired, it had been leaking on rainy days. This tense can be used to express something that was the case before a particular point of time.