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Even though I grew up speaking english, I feel I was never fully informed on the many types of tenses we use in the language. From that I have a better grasp on the complexity of language when it comes to \"tenses.\" From this I feel the need to focus on creating games and activities to help equip non english speakers grasp this concept. An idea I hand in mind to keep learner engaged with pictures asking them to explain in the present tense what is going on in the picture as well as going to classmates as various question pertaining to the present tense.What I learned from this unit is the methods on teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. It gave me ideas on how easy and difficult vocabularies are for students. The selection of vocabulary should be appropriate to the students not something very difficult; Surely it will be pointless if you give them a vocabulary which is not useful for the task. Also the introduction of grammatical structures wherein you have to let them know about the meaning of the word, how it is being used and the forms and patterns where they are supposed to be used.