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J.A. - Italy said:
I learned about Conditionals and Reported Speech in Unit 16. There are five main Conditionals that I learned; Zero Conditional, First Conditional, Second Conditional, Third Conditional, and Mixed Conditional. All five types have specific formulas (similar to a math problem) to follow when forming them. Also, there tends to be errors with non-native speakers of English regarding the difference in usage between 1st and 2nd Conditionals. Also there can be similar error patters and confusion with the difference between the 3rd and Mixed Conditionals. The Reported speech and Directed speech section was very helpful in teaching me that using different verb tenses depends if the event was happening versus if the event had happened stow hours/days/weeks before the time of the conversation. The Rules Chart for translating Direct Speech to Reported Speech was taught in a very simple form for me and in a form that will allow me to remember easier or just refer to the chart. In the Time Expressions section, I learned about back shifting and that the words/phrases \"today, tomorrow, and yesterday\" can take many forms.