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It is useful to understand if the class is a new class or existing class as it helps to determine how the teacher should start the first lesson. At the start of every lesson, it is helpful to start with warmers activities as they could help students to feel motivated for the lesson of the day and possibly subsequent lessons. It is always difficult to handle a class with students of different levels as the teacher will have to prepare and teach them separately for effective learning however, it could also lead to time being delay if the teacher could not juggle the differences well. Across the units, it is emphasized that native language should not be used during lessons to ensure the best usage of English while teaching English. It is often that teachers would forget the rules and tend to use native language for convenience purpose. Therefore, teachers should prepare in advance to use simple explanation for possible difficult words. It is always good to have back up plans to keep students’ attention focus and so they would not get bored.