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This unit helped clarify a lot of the work my teachers had to do when they were teaching me. I also learned somethings that clarified certain things that my teachers were doing that were not proper etiquette in the classroom like the unit explained. Definitely group activities are vital for the improvement of the students and the student bond. Lessening the slight awkwardness the students may have towards the others. However, TTT is also highly important for the students. I wont seem so dominating yet i can still reassure control and proper teaching etiquette. Sometimes there will be unruly students, okay maybe more than just sometimes, but a lot of times they are having trouble understanding it the way that I'm teaching so mixing it up a little in a way they can understand and retain for future references is a wonderful solution to most of those problems, and this unit is more detail oriented on how to obtain this factor and I'm very thankful for that.