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Unit 3 turned out to be very informative for me, though I already knew some most popular methodologies applied in the English classroom. There are about 9 commonly accepted methods of teaching English. These are Grammar-translation method, Audio-Lingualism, The silent way, Suggestopaedia, The Lexical approach and so on. Each of them has its pluses and minuses. Jeremy Harmer introduced the ESA method of teaching which is considered to be the most effective for the English classroom as it is based on involving learners at the lesson as much as possible; and gives the teacher more freedom in creating interactive, communicative activities. The patterns used in ESA method can vary from lesson to lesson which makes each lesson more interesting and not predictable. The only MUST of ESA is that the beginning phase of each lesson should be the one called ‘Engage’ and the final one – ‘Activate’. While studying this unit I made notes of a bunch of ideas and examples of tasks that can be used on different stages of the lesson.