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Most native English speakers are not aware of the different parts of speech whilst using them. Every sentence can be broken down into numerous parts of speech, with the simplest sentence consisting of at least a noun and a verb. The simplest part of a sentence is a noun, which basically just names something. however, these can be broken down into common, proper, compound, abstract and collective. Adjectives are words that are used to describe a noun and can be used in clusters to explain a noun in more detail. Adjectives can be used in comparative forms to compare one noun to another and superlative form to indicate the noun with the most or least of something etc. Verbs are commonly referred to as doing words, however, they also apply to the state of something as well as an action. Transitive verbs are followed by an object, whereas, intransitive verbs cannot be followed by an object. Verbs have four principle forms: base form, past simple, past participle and present participle and consist of regular and irregular (or idiosyncratic) verbs.