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TESOL Mission Viejo California
This unit is about the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past prefect and past perfect continuous...
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TESOL Green Ohio
Unit 12 focuses on the basic productive skills of speaking and writing, which is a nice follow up to unit 11?s receptive skills...
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TESOL Kiamensi Gardens Delaware
There are many ways to organize and manage a class based on several factors including the nationalities of the students, their personalities, activities performed, and a myriad of other factors...
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TESOL Exmore Washington
During the study of the unit, I learned about course books and study materials...
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TESOL Worthville Kentucky
This unit was particularly interesting because it gave a better understanding of different methods and techniques to use within the classroom today...
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TESOL Hendricks Michigan
Unit 12 explains the other two skills: speaking and writing, which includes games...
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TESOL Douglas Michigan
Instead of starting the first lesson with a course book material, it's much better to focus on establishing rapport among students and between students and the teacher...
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TESOL Toronto Iowa
After reading and studying Unit 17, Equipment and teaching aids, I now have a broad understanding of the different kinds of technologies, resource texts and online resources available for me to use in the classroom to effectively deliver English lessons to my ELF learners...
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TESOL Ashland Viriginia
Simple Future Tense refers to a time later than now, and expresses facts or certainty while Present Simple Tense has more formal implication, it?s used particularly for schedules and timetables...
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TESOL Lillian Alabama
There are a number of types of assessments that should be conducted with your class...
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TESOL Deer Lodge Montana
This unit describes the criteria by which teachers analyze and choose course books, if they use them...
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TESOL Bellevue Indiana
This unit taught me how to optimize my use of three types of materials in my classroom: authentic, coursebook, and teacher created materials...
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TESOL Hazard Nebraska
First of all I would like to say that this unit was the most difficult for me so far...
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TESOL Wynnewood Pennsylvania
Unit 8 discusses future tenses and also provides examples of other tenses that seem to be future tenses, but are not...
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TESOL Randolph Minnesota
Learners of English who have the opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage...
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TESOL Westmoreland Kansas
In Unit 11 we have reviewed the two Receptive skills of any language: Reading and Listening...
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TESOL Alta Vista Kansas
This unit covered teaching specialized groups of English learners - previous units are generally applied to teaching groups of adult students of general English...
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TESOL Anthony New Mexico
In this unit we look over the many types of teaching aids and equipment that can be found in a classroom...
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TESOL Yizheng
We use the past simple tense when the time of the action or event is stated (i...
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TESOL Charlotte
This unit reviews different teaching themes that can be used in the classroom...
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Unit 20 is the last unit and it deals with Troubleshooting...
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The most interesting and difficult part of this unit was the phrasal verbs...
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TESOL Rongcheng
So far Unit 13 ?Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology? has been the most difficult to grasp, and contained the most new information to retain...
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TESOL Samut Prakan
The material in this unit is about the two receptive skills, speaking and writing...
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TESOL Liyang
In my unit 2 reflection, I discussed my awareness of the way in which native English speakers absorb (over time) the intricacies of their native language (L1)...
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TESOL Huaibei
Unit 4 addresses a grammar-oriented topic by introducing the tenses that are used in the English language...
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Unit 18, the final grammar unit, covered modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice...
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TESOL Zhaodong
A teacher's personality can sometimes determine how he/she manages a class...
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TESOL Zhuhai
Unit 19 gives a more in-depth look at the different environments and learners we might face as teachers than Unit 1, where a brief summary was given about the different environments of study...
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TESOL Zhuanghe
The first lesson exercises were good because I've taught at my school for a long time and the community is small, so most of the students already know each other or me, so establishing rapport is a lot easier than walking in to a totally new group of people...
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In this lesson, I learned a lot about books and materials...
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TESOL Danzhou
Unit 3 basically teaches three things...
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TESOL Yangchun
In this unit I learned the importance of planning lessons...
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