TESOL Zhuanghe

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N.M. - U.S.A. said:
The first lesson exercises were good because I've taught at my school for a long time and the community is small, so most of the students already know each other or me, so establishing rapport is a lot easier than walking in to a totally new group of people. The idea of not using the course book and instead, getting to know the students, their interests, needs etc. was informative, because sometimes the course book can be a go to when difficulties arise, but being prepared, knowing not to use it will force you to have the necessary and effective activities ready. I find that I have the same problems that were discussed in the unit with my levels of understanding and ability with the native English speakers. So pairing strong and weak, splitting into groups based on ability but using the same theme, dealing with reluctant participants aren't new ideas for me, but good to know they happen here as well. I was surprised with the role play for reluctant participants though. Interesting that they would be more comfortable and able acting as someone else. This course overall was such a great experience. I've been praising it right, left, and center to my colleagues. I believe that teachers, whether TEFL or not, should take this as a reminder of good teaching practices. I think one of the most important parts is the focus on rapport. If the students know you care about them, they are way more motivated to learn.