How to get a TESOL certificate online?

Getting a TESOL certificate online has become increasingly accessible and widely accepted by employers. Here is a step-by-step guide to obtain one:

  • Research Accredited Programs: Look for accredited TESOL certification programs that are recognized globally.
  • Enroll in an Online Course: Choose a course that fits your schedule and learning style. Online courses now offer the same level of qualification as in-person programs.
  • Complete Course Modules: Engage with the course material, which typically includes language theory, teaching methodologies, and classroom management.
  • Fulfill Practicum Requirements: Some courses might require a practicum, which can often be completed locally or through virtual teaching sessions.
  • Obtain Certification: After successfully completing the course and any practicum requirements, you will receive your TESOL certificate.

Online TESOL courses have evolved to offer comprehensive training, making them a viable and increasingly popular option for those seeking to teach English to speakers of other languages.

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Which online TESOL course should I choose?

What other online TESOL course options are there?

Which online TESOL course should I choose?

When choosing an online TESOL course, consider two main factors: the course length in study hours and the requirements of potential employers. TESOL courses are categorized by the average number of hours required to complete them. For instance, a 60-hour course is designed to be completed in about 60 study hours, though some may finish it faster. However, it is important to note that employers of ESL teachers typically prefer candidates who have completed a minimum of a 120-hour TESOL course. Courses shorter than 120 hours are often more suitable for those planning to volunteer as teachers or work as teaching assistants.

At ITTT our most popular online option is the 120-hour TESOL certification course as it includes all the basic skills and knowledge required to start teaching ESL students.

What other online TESOL course options are there?

While the 120-hour online TESOL course is extremely popular, many of our trainees also sign up for additional online courses once they have completed their initial training. Taking extra courses will certainly look great on your portfolio and give you an added advantage when applying for jobs. However, the biggest benefit of taking additional courses is that they will greatly increase your understanding of ESL teaching, which will make you a more productive and successful teacher in the classroom.

One option is to take one or more short-format specialization courses that are designed to build upon the knowledge taught in an initial TESOL certification course. This type of qualification can be studied in a relatively short space of time and they are completed 100% online. At ITTT we offer three different specialized courses that represent the three most popular areas of ESL teaching worldwide: The course in teaching English to young learners, the course in teaching business English, and the course in teaching English online.

For more information, take a look at our specialized TESOL course page.

If your long-term teaching plan involves climbing the employment ladder towards jobs that include greater responsibility and a better paycheck, then you might want to think about an advanced-level course such as the Diploma in TESOL. With this level of qualification you will have a much wider pool of jobs to consider, including those at management level (although a reasonable amount of classroom experience is also typically required).

For more information, take a look at our Diploma in TESOL course.