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Unit 6 is about the four past tenses. The structure of the sentences for the past tenses is very much the same as the structure for the four present tenses. What changes and gives the sentence a new meaning is the auxiliary verbs. Buy changing the do auxiliary verb from do to did the sentence is now in the past simple form. Like wise by changing have been to had been you make the sentence past perfect continuous. When doing the work sheet I noticed the difference between the past simple and past participle. It can be confusing since some of the verbs are the same for both forms. It wasn't until I created new sentences with the verbs in both forms that I could distinguish the right form of the verb. As a native speaker I naturally choose the right form when I speak. It is very interesting to learn the usages for each form and it creates a new understanding of the language I speak. The lessons on tenses thus far have been the most interesting for me.