TESOL Zhuhai

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N.L. - China said:
Unit 19 gives a more in-depth look at the different environments and learners we might face as teachers than Unit 1, where a brief summary was given about the different environments of study. The sections addressed the teaching of young learners vs. older learners, personal (one on one) tutoring, and business education. Each area comes with it's own advantages and downfalls. It is easy to see improvement in young learners, but easier to communicate in English with advanced learners. A Company who hires an English teacher may have expectations the teacher is not informed of, and their students will be at various ages and levels of English. Dealing with the problems of the group we will be teaching need to be addressed before we even step foot in the classroom. To quote Unit 19, \"-better over-prepared than under!\" Whether it is an level evaluation test, an ice-breaker/ introduction activity, or an Needs Analysis questionnaire; planning more than what we need is better than not having enough material to teach. After reading this Unit I researched how different countries requirements/ needs for teachers in the different areas. I found myself identifying with Business Educators or individual teaching, both of which can be done when teaching through some independent language schools (varies depending on country). After completing this course I believe I'll be looking in the private or business sector for employment.