TESOL Yangchun

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N.V. - India said:
In this unit I learned the importance of planning lessons. Planning will help us procede during our lessons in an ordered and logical way, avoinding us confusion and difficulties that we might ecounter. I learned that lesson plans have important functions: they work as an aid for planning and it guides us through the class, it works as a document we can refer to when necessary and it also acts as a record we can review to remember what we have already taught. There are basic principles that will help us create our own lesson planning: keep it simple,create a structure and follow it, write the time necessary to achieve each activity in the structure and be sure to cover all areas that are important in a language (language skills like reading, writing, pronunciating, speaking, etc.) I learned that organizing is important because it will help us go smoothly through the lesson and it will evoid us having to search for material that can consume class time and may distract students. When creating a lesson plan it is important to include objectives,the teaching point, the teaching aids, the procedure, phase (ESA phase), the time it takes and the kind of interaction between teachers and/or tsudents. Other important things we should include are the level and number of the students and the date. Self evaluation is also important to be aware of what is necessary for us a s teachers to learn, form both, mistakes and success.