TESOL Zhaodong

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N.K. - Taiwan said:
A teacher's personality can sometimes determine how he/she manages a class. However, the must be able to motivate and encourage their students to learn and appreciate learning a new language. The teacher has to give and maintain eye contact with the students. Use gestures that are appropriate and understandable by the students to aid the teaching process. Their voice should be a particular tone that show control while creating good rapport. Teachers should be able to prepare activities that encourage students to work together in groups of different sizes or as individuals. The classroom size, furnitures students nationality and personality can determine how a teacher can arrange their class to determine positive learning results. A teacher must reduce the amount of time turning their back to the classroom as this may encourage unnecessary talk time or idle time if students. The use of visual clues, a projector or simply preparing the Baird before class begins can reduce the teacher's back facing students. The teacher must always maintain discipline in the classroom by enforcing the institution code of conduct while building and maintaining good rapport with Thier students. The teacher must also know how to respond to problematic behaviours in many ways such as acting immediately, focusing on the problem and the not the student themselves, mainitaining calmed and composure, not shouting to the students and so on.