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I find this unit incredibly useful as a future educator. It focuses on the plethora of classroom aids, from computers to audio recording devices, even interactive whiteboards. This unit also discusses the preferred methods of using aids. For example, in showing a film there must be an applicable language point presented. An IWB can be used to show students how to access websites which can help students through interactive language games for example. For teachers, there are valuable sites showing for example, how to incorporate aids, and teaching grammar points.Unit 3 focuses on theories, methods, and techniques used in teaching English as a second language education. Reflecting on the unit, I realize that each method has its benefits and its downfalls. Each method has its own characteristics that make it different from the others, and since all of our students will learn in different ways, we cannot choose one method to implement in our class. We will need to evaluate our students, each theory, and consistently determine which technique will allow our students to come closest to meeting the objectives of our lessons.