TESOL Mission Viejo California

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This unit is about the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past prefect and past perfect continuous. It introduces the forms, usages,common mistakes/ errors and sample activate teaching ideas. Take past continuous as an example.Form: Affirmative: subject + was/were + verb+ing ; Negative: subject + was / were + not + verb + ing; Question: Was/ Were + subject + verb + ing. Usages: for interrupted past actions; used without a time expression, it can indicate gradual development that took place in the past: it can express an actin, which began before that time and probably continued after it: we use the continuous tense in descriptions. Typical student errors/ mistakes: omission of the verb to be or the -ing; use of -ing with state verbs; confusion with past simple. Sample activate stage teaching ideas: detective game; use of diaries/ journals; telling stories.