TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Vila Velha Brazil
This unit allowed me to examine the dynamics between teacher and student, student and student, and the relationships in the classroom overall...
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TESOL Jobs Carolina Puerto Rico
I have not had the chance to use an IWB in class but I think I appreciate the given reminders on what to do and how to prepare when using one...
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TESOL Jobs Wloclawek Poland
When most tense forms are clear in your mind, it is possible to think others will have no difficulties understanding the structure and tense forms...
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TESOL Jobs Mathura India
The past tenses this chapter covered the four past tenses: past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Mangalore India
Unit 8 dealt with Future Tenses, including Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, and 'Going To Future'-Present Continuous and Present Simple...
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TESOL Jobs Curitiba Brazil
Unit nineteen discusses various groups of students that an English teacher may encounter in his or her career and how to adapt to their special needs...
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TESOL Jobs Cuiaba Brazil
This unit was the review of the often neglected area of learning English by native speakers: Grammar...
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TESOL Jobs Criciuma Brazil
This unit really got me thinking about the best way to teach the material to young learners, as it's really complex in nature...
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TESOL Jobs Crato Brazil
This unit discussed the various types of course materials that may be used in the classroom (texts, supplementary worksheets, etc...
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TESOL Pickering Beach Delaware
As mentioned in the course book unit it is important to have a mixture of activities and prompts to use in a lesson...
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TESOL Mission Oregon
In this lesson I learned that there are many different factors that contribute to a student being able to learn new vocabulary...
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TESOL South Pasadena Florida
This unit covers the various types of tests a TEFL teacher is likely to administer to students throughout the school year...
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TESOL Centerville Iowa
In order to study properly any languages students have to go through four important phases: Learners have to be exposed to the language, therefore audio and material video are useful for the student to be familiar with the sound of the target language...
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TESOL Godley Texas
Unit 15 covered the motivation behind evaluating students and the methods by which a teacher can do so, as well as the various external tests that students may need to prepare for...
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TESOL Springville Iowa
There are different methodologies and techniques teachers can employ during their lessons to ensure that they balance teacher and student talk time...
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TESOL Lyons Indiana
Modal auxiliary verbs are words such as could, might, should, would and must...
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TESOL Bedford Park Indiana
Unit 10 uses two different videos to show how to create an effective lesson and how to avoid ineffective teaching...
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TESOL Terlton Oklahoma
i think this was a great unit! to watch how the same subject can be taught very very differently, by the same teacher with the same students...
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