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This unit showed what to do and what not to do when teaching English. Watching the first video, I was instantly frustrated with the teacher. To call things \"easy\" is an absolute no-no. Not only did he make the students incredibly intimidated, but in the end wasted their time as they learned little to nothing and, I'd be willing to bet, had no fun whatsoever. People learn their best when they are enjoying something. I think it's important to remember to keep things simple and put yourself in their shoes.This was a very complicated lesson for me because it got into the technicalities of speech, but I found it vry interesting and educational. Pronouncing words correctly and ununciating is extremely important, so it is very important that the students know which part of the voice and mouth formation to use for specific words; like \"r\" \"th\" \"p\" \"b\" \"f\" and \"s\" for example. I have many prolems in Vietnam teaching thees letters as they don't use them in theoir lanuage the same way that we do in English.