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Teaching materials are an important element in the learning process. Unit 17: Equipment and teaching aids goes into great detail of the variety of equipment available. I was surprised to read about the interactive whiteboards. IWBs are expensive and very cutting edge, I did not think they would be very popular. When I was in school we only had overhead projectors. It's impressive how advanced classrooms have become. In my future classroom I foresee myself utilizing videos and resource worksheet books the most.This unit discusses the importance of supplemental teaching equipment - OHP, video, cassette recorder, interactive whiteboard, etc. - in making the material more interesting and interactive. When using the traditional blackboard it is important to write legibly, use a clean board an right tool, highlight important words, avoid capital letters, etc. Other teaching equipment can help students focus, stimulate discussion, analyze student errors, and aid teachers in implementing new lessons, games, or vocabulary.