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This section seems to be the first practical classroom techniques lesson. I learned a lot about the theory of learning. The background theory will be useful when doing lesson plans as it can direct activities. Some of the earlier methods seemed contrived but even they have some useful applications. An example is lingualism. I can see how pointing to a pen, when trying to teach the class what a pen is, would be beneficial. The trick is try to gather as many correct techniques in order to not be repetitive.A tense expressing an action that is currently going on or habitually performed or a state that currently or generally exits. There are two tenses in English past and present ,the present tenses in English are used to talk about the present,future and past,when we are telling a story in spoken English or when we are summarising a book ,film,play etc.It was great experience to know many things about grammar. From this unit i got to know about Form,Usage,Typical students errors,Activate stage teaching ideas.