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C. C. - Saudi Arabia said:
Unit 16 main topic was about conditionals and reported speech. From this unit, I have learnt about the five mains conditionals which are as follows: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. Unit 16 has provided good examples about each conditional and an explanation of each conditional usage. I have also learnt about some teaching ideas that I could use in my classroom when teaching my students about this topic. The second part of this Unit was about reported speech and direct speech. I have learnt the main different between reported speech and direct speech. Direct speech is the reporting of speech by repeating the actual words of a speaker while reported speech is a speaker's words reported in subordinate clauses governed by a reporting verb, with the required changes of person and tense. Unit 16 also talked about and demonstrated how those changes of person and tense must occur by stating some basic rules. I have also learnt about backshifting, a term that I have never heard of until I read this unit which is basically when events and things that a step backwards, both in time and physical position. Lastly, Unit 16 gave some useful examples of teaching ideas for teaching reported speech.