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When most tense forms are clear in your mind, it is possible to think others will have no difficulties understanding the structure and tense forms. However, looking at the videos, there is so much to think about. The present perfect and present perfect continuous are clear to me now, but they look so much alike. It's going to be a challenge to make students feel comfortable with the structures. The activate ideas are super helpful and make the tense forms fun and clear.From this unit,I've learned a lot about ESA methods,then I can apply what I've learned to introduce new language.Lessons that are specifically targeted to grammar or vocabulary commonly use the'straight arrow' ESA approach,whereas functions-based lessons are more commonly approached with 'boomerang'or'patchwork'ESA structures.Since I've learned this unit,I will think more about which structure is most appropriate to the class and to the language that will be introduced.