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This unit taught about the ways that we as teachers can introduce new language to students. After going through this lesson I was able to more easily understand the categories of new language that existed such as vocabulary, grammar, and the function of the language. I also understood better the kinds of activities for each of the phases of a class (engage, study, and activate) depending on which of the three categories I would be trying to teach students along with an example lesson flow for each catagory.This was a shorter unit than previous ones but a very important one. Past tense can be tricky to teach and the basic sentence structures given help a lot. The simple past is one of the first things to teach, actions completed and done. Simple talks about what students did at the weekend can do this each lesson. Further questions can bring other tenses in. If a student played sport then the teacher can ask \"Was it raining?\", the student then can use the past continuous to replay \"It was/was not raining\".