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The past tenses this chapter covered the four past tenses: past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. Having first been introduced to tenses similar to these in the present tense chapter, these were a bit easier to understand. Hopefully, when it comes to teaching these in the class, having gone over present tenses, the students will be able to easier understand these as well. I feel that going over all these tenses (in small batches) definitely helps process the information better!This unit has provided an overview on all the course contents and units as well as general aims and objectives. In a general perspective, as I have passed the TEFL/TESOL course currently, some of the sections and the procedure of the units and testing style are familiar. However there are some new points such as basic knowledge require for teaching specific groups of learners will be excited. Crossing the acronyms and definitions,the basic info regarding to the aims and objectives of this course are quite new.