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This unit deals with future tenses. I was initially taken aback by the number of different tenses that can be used with future meanings and was concerned that I would lack confidence in the understanding of the unit. This was not the case as the treatment of present tenses in unit 4 and past tenses unit 6 set the groundwork for this unit and I found it much easier than I had expected. I need to consolidate usage of the various future tenses as this was the one area that caused me a few problems.There are many different models and methods that have been created to teach English as a foreign language. Each has strengths and weaknesses, and each has its place, but shouldn't be used all the time and as the sole method. That's why ESA is so useful. It is a broad way of categorizing how we can address the core needs of language learners. These needs are to be engaged, be presented with correct knowledge and corrected, and be given freedom and opportunity to create with their language skills.