TESOL Certification Vitoria De Santo Anto Brazil

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The modals was explained in a grid naming their use, their present/future and past tenses. The passive voice was explained and added to it the passive formation of the verb tense used. The relative clauses were categorised into three groups, independent, dependant and relative clauses. The phrasal verbs is divided into three types, the first in intransitive, the second is transitive separable and the last transitive inseparable.From Unit 15 I've learnt about evaluation and testing system of English language. Testing system has a variety of groups that depends on the teachers or students needs. So for example placement test is made for measuring students level of English before taking the class (elementary, intermediate and so on). Or students may need to pass some special exams for an entering to the university or getting a job, such as IELTS, BEC etc.