TESOL Montevideo

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C.H. - Vietnam said:
This unit covers the topic of lesson planning. Lesson planning generally depends on the teacher's personal goal and interest. New teacher should form the habit of taking notes regarding the class procedure, whether it is about the teaching methods or students that need some help. This is needed for either personal reflection or to sort out the class issues early in order to address them positively. Generally speaking, teachers should keep the reference material simple, don't make the lesson too rigid or formulaic, keeping the class structure consistent and make sure all the teaching materials fit together. This way the teacher can keep the class fresh and engaging, students are more likely to pay attention and learn from it. Being organized will pay off, always check if you have the lesson plans, teaching aids and material ready at hand. Check the teaching equipment if it is functioning or not. Teaching material should place somewhere easy to find. Make sure the board is clean and greet the student whenever possible. This way we can reduce making mistakes in the class and keep the schedule on time.