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Verbs, their tenses and everything related to them, just like grammar, are a set of rules waiting to be used. However, as the saying goes, every rule has its exceptions and verbs are no different. For the most part, verbs in the present tense are just a set of rules to be followed, but we need to pay attention to each and every one of them in order to know when an exception to one such rule is coming. In knowing this, we will be able to teach our students this little tells, so they are also in the know of when a change of rule is due. We need to continue looking for an engaging way to teach these, however, as there is no way to go in regards of this, and little room for interpretation when it comes to learning the correct way of the verbs and their uses in the present tense. When teaching these, we need to be sure to give authentic examples of everyday life, so our students are engaged and don't see this as a bother, but a means to an end: learn the correct form, be able to speak the language more accurately.