TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification United Kingdom Blackburn
Unit 20 looks at the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom such as dealing with large classes, multi-level classes and reluctant students...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Brighton
Though this course is for individuals with TESOL/TEFL certificate, there is much more to learn under Business English including the diverse general terminologies and the versatility of teaching English to business companies...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Coventry
Brief Overview: Future Tense broken down into seven structures; Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, \"going to\" future, present continuous, and present simple...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Eastbourne
This chapter looked at different media such as video, cassette, over head projectors, interactive white boards, and chalk boards that teachers can use as teaching tools...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Exeter
Testing and Evaluation is a really wide topic, there are many options available for teacher to study and apply to students depending on the purpose and context of each as well as the stage of the course...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Luton
After watching the two videos I found that I was able to notice the differences in the students interest in the lesson, in the first lesson because of the teachers attitude towards students the students were not keen to take part...
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TESOL Certification United Kingdom Newport
As a licensed ESL and Spanish teacher (who is also seeking Chinese and Japanese certification), i thoroughly enjoyed this unit as a well-organized review...
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TESOL Certification Ukraine Kerch
This unit provided a good framework on aspects a teacher should consider when introducing lessons of vocabulary, grammar, and functions...
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TESOL Certification Ukraine Kherson
This unit covered lesson planning,it's important functions,basic principles and recommended list of what a lesson plan should include...
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TESOL Certification Ukraine Luhansk
Unit 7 covers 3 major components of ESA; teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and teaching language functions...
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