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TESOL Certification Russia Pyatigorsk
This unit has been one of the more challenging ones because the English language is difficult to master with all of its grammar rules...
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TESOL Certification Russia Maykop
Another fairly robust module which introduced a number of different teaching themes, and provided the methodology to incorporate these into actual lesson plan examples...
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TESOL Certification Russia Murmansk
In lesson 1 we could see that the teacher is not prepared for his lesson that when he was asked what is the difference between \"can and could he can't answer it properly and showing his irritation...
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TESOL Certification Russia Murom
Teaching specialized groups differs slightly from teaching groups of adult student of general English, because you need different skills...
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TESOL Certification Russia Neftekamsk
In this unit, I learned about the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of various teaching equipment that can normally be found in a language teaching-learning environment...
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TESOL Certification Russia Nizhnevartovsk
Unit 1 discussed the qualities of what makes a good teacher, for example: involving students equally; ability to motivate learners; cares about his/her students' learning and therefore his/her teaching; etc...
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TESOL Certification Russia Nizhnekamsk
In this unit I learned that there are three major branches when it comes to teaching English: Vocabulary, grammar, and language functions...
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TESOL Certification Russia Novokuznetsk
The composition of the class affects the teachers's teaching style if a class is new and the teacher has never met the students before the teacher will be trying to build rapport throughout the duration of the class...
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TESOL Certification Russia Omsk
The unit has shown me how the example of the video lesson which is conducted badly compares to the second video where the lesson is done well...
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TESOL Certification Russia Orsk
Teaching receptive skills deals mostly with the reading and listening even though the productive skills of speaking and writing are equally very important too...
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TESOL Certification Russia Perm
Unit 19 was quite a fun unit, and I greatly enjoyed the breakdown of different types of language learners, from young learners to groups with a particular company...
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TESOL Certification Russia Cheboksary
One of the major takeaways that I got from this lesson was that you don't have to be an expert in the clients industry, just have to be, or appear to be, and expert in the English language...
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TESOL Certification Russia Cherkessk
This is the section that I believe is the least common-sensical of all the sections as it teaches technical names for linguistic terms related to pronuncation and phonetics...
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TESOL Certification Russia Irkutsk
This unit was focused on understanding the aspects of language which are to be taught; vocabulary, grammatical structure and language function...
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TESOL Certification Russia Ivanovo
I have learnt from this unit that both, use of language and body language are very important aspect of a teacher and can definitely have an impact on the student...
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