TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
There was a lot of information to cover in unit 16 and although I am familiar with the many examples of the conditionals and direct vs indirect speech, I would have preferred to approach the two grammar points separately...
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TESOL Certification Nigeria Oyo
No matter how much one studies to be a teacher, a lot of learning to teach is actually getting into the classroom...
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TESOL Certification North Korea Chongjin
In this unit, I have learned on the numerous different methods for teaching a second language, including the one considered most effective for new teachers: Engage-Study-Activate...
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TESOL Certification North Korea Hamhung
I was fairly aware of the ways in which to teach Vocabulary and Language Structures, however, I really benefitted from the section on Teaching Language Functions...
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TESOL Certification Ohio Columbus
This unit covered the many various methodologies that have been used for teaching English but mainly focused on the Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) model which can incorporate elements from any of the main methodologies...
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TESOL Certification Oregon Salem
Unit twelve covers the other important language skills that are not receptive but productive: speaking and writing...
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TESOL Certification Osaka Sakai
In Unit 6, I learned about the system and structure of past tenses and how similar it is to the corresponding present tenses...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Chiniot
This unit, with full examples of a real-life class scenario, made clear many of the points which have been taught up to this point in the course...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Chishtian
This unit was about classroom management and how to ensure that the teacher can keep control of the classroom, thus being able to teach effectively...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Hyderabad
I feel I have learnt a lot from this unit: it has reinforced previous beliefs and knowledge as well as providing new insights into the relationship between teachers and students...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Islamabad
I feel that in this unit I have been introduced to the various levels, certifications and basic needs in the world of teaching business English...
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