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TESOL Certification Kazakhstan Kyzylorda
The students who learn foreign language need to do some steps with it :be exposed to it and understand it's meaning ,how it's constructed and to be able to produce and practice it...
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TESOL Certification Japan Sasebo
I was interested in this unit’s topic (course books and lesson materials) because I think that I will be using a mix of both course books and my own created materials in my future teaching program...
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TESOL Certification Japan Sayama
I am currently an Au Pair, throughout this unit, I have read a few things that I think might be able to not only help me in my teaching career, but also help establish and bring in some discipline...
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TESOL Certification Japan Shimizu
This unit covers basic grammatical points of modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice grammar form as well as types of relative clauses and phrasal verbs...
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TESOL Certification Japan Tajimi
How a teacher should handle herself/himself and how she/he should deal with students in the class has been well outlined in this unit...
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TESOL Certification Japan Takatsuki
In this unit I learned about the methodologies of teaching a language (grammar-translation, which was the most common method for many years),PPP (Presentation, Practice, and Production), and many more)...
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TESOL Certification Japan Tama
There is not perfect model and rules for teaching, however we can follow few basic steps to help You to reach the target that is communication of a second language for learners, it is also very important to encourage all of the learners in any level they are and no matter how much they still need to improve...
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TESOL Certification Japan Toda
When I just started teaching I often conducted impromptu lessons and the fact that they were pretty good and the students were generally happy made me debate against lesson planning even more...
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TESOL Certification Japan Tokushima
This unit covered the various kinds of examinations as well as ways in which a teacher can evaluate students prior to and during the course...
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TESOL Certification Japan Tokyo
Understanding the meaning of words within the vocabulary is crucial to ongoing development when teaching a new language...
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TESOL Certification Japan Toyama
I have learnt that there are 5 skills for reading : predictive skills, scanning, scanning, read for detailed information and deductive reading...
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TESOL Certification Japan Toyota
The unit covers various types of classroom technology, advantages/disadvantages of including them in a lesson, and different strategies to teach with them...
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TESOL Certification Japan Tsu
What I feel I have learned from this unit is that the management of the classroom, set up, space and organization is just as important for an effective lesson as the content of the learning material...
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