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TESOL Certification Japan Musashino
This unit looking at grammar was a little difficult to get my head around because as a native english speaker i cannot remember learning the grammar at school, we just did it naturally! But for me starting to learn grammar is a good and necessary skill to have and would make the teacher and students classes much more enjoyable...
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TESOL Certification Japan Nagaoka
This was the most varied unit by far, covering four different areas of grammar: Modals - Auxiliary verbs like can, could, might, should, would and must...
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TESOL Certification Japan Neyagawa
This unit examines modals auxiliary verbs and passive voice, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses...
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TESOL Certification Japan Nishinomiya
This unit presented the four past tenses used in the English language: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kawanishi
While I found all the information to be useful, specifically the information on placement tests and diagnostic tests, one aspect that was not discussed in the unit was how to effectively provide evaluations to students...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kawasaki
Based on the two videos the learning environment and willingness of the student to participate in the lessons and absorb the material depends a lot on the teacher type of attitude the teacher brings into the classroom...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kochi
In this last unit we learned about the teaching methodologies and how can a teacher deal with the problems arises...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kokubunji
In this unit I gained some insights as to the importance of different levels of testing and how schools gauge the level of the student...
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TESOL Certification Japan Kyoto
This unit has shown me more about how to approach teaching a new language most especially using the ESA approach to teaching English...
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TESOL Certification Japan Ikoma
In this Unit, I have learned many different parts of grammar with different sets of rules, as well as different exceptions to rules...
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TESOL Certification Japan Chiba
Like the present and past tense, the future tense has simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous variations...
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TESOL Certification Japan Chigasaki
I have made lesson plans before, but had never been formally instructed on other possible uses and reasons for making plans beyond the typical lesson guidance...
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TESOL Certification Japan Daito
The last unit of the course focuses on troubleshooting and gives very useful tips for inexperienced teachers like myself...
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TESOL Certification Japan Fuchu
I enjoyed this unit because it showed me how material I have studied so far, such as the ESA structure, managing classes, and lesson materials, can be used and applied to make lesson plans...
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TESOL Certification Japan Funabashi
I think the biggest lesson I learned from this section was the fact that these parts of speech can allow English speakers to be well spoken and clear in conveying what they want to say...
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