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TESOL Certification India Panipat
In this unit, I learned about various methods that teachers that can be used in a lesson plan and tailor around the level of the students and the types of students they are...
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TESOL Certification India Patna
This unit described the various roles that a teacher assumes while in the classroom, as well as some expectations in terms of what a good student is and their motivation for studying English...
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TESOL Certification India Pondicherry
This unit has been a great insight on how testing works, i found it valuable to learn about how we can test our classes to review what the students have learnt throughout the duration of the course...
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TESOL Certification India Puri
In this unit, I get clear concepts on what good personalities a good teacher have, how a good teacher teaches in a classroom...
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TESOL Certification India Raebareli
Watching the videos in this unit was a useful experience to see the material I have learned about in action, and also to see the difference the teacher's attitude can have on the class...
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TESOL Certification India Raichur
In the era of video lectures and interactive experiences, decent recording equipment has become an indispensable tool for the modern teacher or instructional designer...
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TESOL Certification India Raiganj
Currently, in my lesson planning experiences, I just jot down the list of activities/materials needed for the lesson...
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TESOL Certification India Raipur
This unit has helped define in general the various roles of a good teacher as well as the traits of a good learner...
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TESOL Certification India Ramagundam
There is a lot of posible variability in the relationships between a teacher and their students, the teaching style, learning style and the students intention from a language course...
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TESOL Certification India Rampur
Formation of a teacher!! This unit tells us that how a good teacher is formed!! To study and do a specialization in one or more subject is not only important for teacher but also the proper way of teaching and guiding students matters equally!!A teacher have to be an helper a supporter or all rounder to help students!! A role of teacher should be like the mothers !! Yes a teacher have to be like mothers and friends and then she can make successful teaching!! To be a good knowledge able teacher is not enough to make a strong base of studies and positive manners are important!! Teacher can't feed all the data or contents of the course in students mind she have to produce a such a way for learners that they enjoy learning and be a successful learner!!...
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TESOL Certification India Ranchi
Jeremy Harmer`s ESA style is tried and proven and in my personal experience, it was also very different and helpful...
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TESOL Certification India Raniganj
In a 21st century classroom,the growing diversity of students requires teachers to be able to take on different roles in order to meet different needs and support individual student's learning...
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TESOL Certification India Lalitpur
This unit covered the basics of classroom management, including the use of body language and voice, the pros and cons of different class word groupings, classroom arrangement, teacher and student talk tine, how to give instructions, establishing rapport, and maintaining discipline...
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TESOL Certification India Latur
In this unit, I watched two lessons completed by the same teachers with the same students, but with different teaching methods...
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TESOL Certification India Lucknow
A good teacher motivates their students to learn, good teachers are lively and actively involved with lessons but most of all care about the students...
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TESOL Certification India Mahbubnagar
This final unit contained information about cultural issues, finding employment, creating a CV & cover letter as well as EFL web info/references...
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TESOL Certification India Mehsana
Communication takes on many forms and significance, and because successful, clear communication is the ultimate goal in the ESL classroom, writing and speaking skills become the focus...
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TESOL Certification India Mandya
This unit specifies general learning patterns and theories (maturation, environmental, constructive and others), as well as explains language learning/acquisition process, student levels/knowledge, as well as reminds about the teaching methods (ESA, Boomerang and others)...
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