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TESOL Certification India Yamuna Nagar
There are a lot of ways to express the future tense in English, but most commonly used are the 'going to' future tense and the present continuous...
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TESOL Certification Indonesia Balikpapan
I think that this was a very helpful unit for me because it really gave me some ideas for how to teach my classes; as I was reading through, I even started writing down personal ideas for what I could do in my classes! In the last unit, I had a great refresher about grammar and the English language, but already I had been trying to think about how best to present these sometimes fairly complicated topics to a foreign audience...
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TESOL Certification Indonesia Banjarmasin
It's not difficult to understand the benefits of making lesson plans and I especially appreciated the notes on what to keep in mind as you look over a sequence of lesson plans...
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TESOL Certification Indonesia Malang
A good teacher must think and be able to evaluate what are the students' needs and learning styles must be able to apply his/her teaching style or teaching role to adapt to every situation...
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TESOL Certification India Sagar
This unit has introduced the conditional and reported speech by stating the different categories and giving details about their various grammatical forms with example sentences to demonstrate the ways they are being used...
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TESOL Certification India Salem
Unit 7 taught me how to approach basic English teaching and that it consists of vocabulary, grammar structures and language functions, and that it is possible to use the different ESA methods to teach this...
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TESOL Certification India Satna
This unit covers the different types of equipment that can be used as teaching aids in the classroom, including how each type of equipment can be used effectively and what EFL teachers should be careful of when considering using certain types of equipment...
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TESOL Certification India Shahjahanpur
There are different kind of tests such as Diagnosis tests, Progress tests, Placement tests, and Achievement tests which are prepared for schools, but Practice tests or External tests are not used for school or faculty...
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TESOL Certification India Shimoga
Unit 5 offers to TEFL students a wide scope of elements related to classroom management, which is in my opinion, one of the most difficult things to master in a classroom...
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TESOL Certification India Siliguri
What I feel I have learnt from this unit is that there are many difference approaches that can be taken in order to create an effective lesson...
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TESOL Certification India Thalassery
Unit 7 Content: Teaching New Language, Means Vocabulary ,grammar and functions (four thing that students need to do with the language)...
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TESOL Certification India Thane
Each student need to do next actions with the new language: to be exposed to it, to understand it, to understand its construction, to practice and to produce it...
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TESOL Certification India Thrissur
This unit was about the importance of lesson plans and how they can be an aid to teaching in the classroom as well as a record of what you have previously taught...
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TESOL Certification India Tonk
The videos that accompanied Unit 10 very effectively demonstrated the importance of the attitude and behaviors of the teacher...
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TESOL Certification India Naihati
Lesson planning is good for the teacher because it allows him/her to have a vision of what/how/why a lesson needs to be done, but also recording and monitoring how classes went is good to help the teacher remember how past lessons went, what were the problems...
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TESOL Certification India Nellore
I learned things I never would have thought I would need to teach in English; such as when to use the word \"the\" in reference to geographical locations...
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TESOL Certification India New Delhi
From this unit, I have learned that a good teacher is kind, patient, sensitive, enthusiastic, and cares more about the learning of the students than his/her teaching...
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TESOL Certification India Noida
Beeing a good teacher means not only to have a high level of knowledge but also to be able to motivate students to learn...
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TESOL Certification India Neyveli
I think it's vital to incorporate different styles of lesson planning to keep students engaged - especially when your learners are not yet adults! Even though my students are teenagers, they are still children, and they want variety and fun in their classes...
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TESOL Certification India Palakkad
Teaching adults does bring some potential problems, which can include: 1) Greater internal pressures for them in trying to conduct their lives; their problems may sometimes spill over to the classroom...
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