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TESOL Certification Mexico Queretaro
I especially like the unit's analogy of the tree, where grammar is likened to the tree trunk, and vocabulary/function to the leaves, and how each attribute needs the other to present completeness...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Torreon
In brief, unit 14 covers the use of course books along with the advantages and disadvantages that go with them, and it also covers the use of both authentic and created materials...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Campeche
Understand of what makes a good teacher and different types of learners Teacher must possess the following qualities in order to be a good teacher: (Fair, have knowledge of the subject, and a motivator...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Celaya
This unit introduces the different parts of the course and also the general terminology that is likely to come up in the course...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Chihuahua
This unit explains the present tenses of the verb, namely: simple present, present progressive, present perfect, and present perfect progressive...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Chimalhuacan
Conditionals and reported speech usually is very confusing and challenging for students because it requires very good knowledge of tenses, ability to form correct tense right away in a correct way, and also remembering which tense should be used in what type of conditional sentence or which tense in direct speech is changed to which tense in reported speech...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Ciudad Obregn
l found that an important part in this unit is about the different ways and methods used to help students in lessons and the importance of how each stage should be followed...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Colima
Unit5 includes lots information about the idea of classroom management such as eye contact, students' name using, group activity and pair work...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Culiacn
There are different ways to test a student skill level and the type of test is usually determined by what purpose it serves...
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TESOL Certification Mexico Durango
The essential equipments to teach a class are a white/black board, visual aids, worksheets/work cards, course books, resource books, a photocopier, laptops/tablets...
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