TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Russia Balakovo
It is important to use a lesson plan as a tool to help guide experienced and inexperienced teachers in meeting the students learning objectives...
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TESOL Certification Russia Barnaul
There are three tools in teaching eyes, voice, gesture, that all these three tools if been use properly it will give the class more understanding on what you are teaching...
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TESOL Certification Poland Kalisz
This unit showed the different types of students you might teach (individual clients or groups), and the advantages as well as the disadvantages this could have...
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TESOL Certification Poland Katowice
The teaching special groups unit was fairly straightforward in that all the information there has pretty much been presented to us before...
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TESOL Certification Poland Koszalin
In the video unit we are given the opportunity to see two separate lessons about the same topic carried out by the same teacher...
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TESOL Certification Poland Legnica
This unit dealt with the use of published course materials and the need to adapt and supplement those materials to make the course relevant to students...
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TESOL Certification Poland Olsztyn
I really enjoyed Unit two, it talked about the differences in ages, and how teaching younger groups involves more activities, more play time and less concentration...
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TESOL Certification Poland Opole
This unit focuses on teaching themes and techniques that can be applied when teaching a particular language point...
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TESOL Certification Poland Wroclaw
Having studied Linguistics in university, I'm still pretty familiar and confident with my knowledge about English grammar and parts of speech...
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TESOL Certification Portugal Almada
The unit gives a definition of a classroom management which is important to know for making a class able to learn effectively and inspiring confidence in the students...
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TESOL Certification Portugal Coimbra
I was a bit confused by question 11 Which of the following statements best describes the teaching situation denoted by the acronym TEFL...
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TESOL Certification Portugal Lisbon
The unit delt very well with the students productive output the section on writing made it very clear for the teacher that writing is not an easy task for students...
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