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TESOL Certification Pakistan Gujranwala
Unit 8 - Future tenses This unit covered the future tenses and it helped me realize just how complicated the future tenses can be especially when comparing the future tenses with eachother...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Hyderabad
I feel I have learnt a lot from this unit: it has reinforced previous beliefs and knowledge as well as providing new insights into the relationship between teachers and students...
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TESOL Certification Pakistan Islamabad
I feel that in this unit I have been introduced to the various levels, certifications and basic needs in the world of teaching business English...
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TESOL Certification Niger Niamey
In this unit we provides a break from the theoretical materials and gives you a chance to observe a real life English language classroom...
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TESOL Certification Nigeria Ibadan
Having used textbooks before for certain age groups, I find that it is quite helpful to base my activities around whatever it is the students are learning at that time...
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TESOL Certification Myanmar Bago
This unit presents different theories, methods, and techniques that teachers can use for teaching English as a second language...
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TESOL Certification Myanmar Monywa
This unit covers Evaluation and testing section , a crucial unit which gives a close look at the different ways to evaluate student learning level and progress...
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TESOL Certification Myanmar Sittwe
Like unit 2 this was quite complex and although I can identify when an error has been made, I find it really difficult to name the error, explain it and explain the reason why it needs to be a certain way...
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TESOL Certification Namibia Windhoek
The future tense may be the most complicated for a ESL student to learn since there are 7 different verb tenses that may used in various situations...
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TESOL Certification Negros Occidental San Carlos City
This unit focuses on two grammar lessons which are Reported Speech and Conditionals and explains in details the different usages of each lesson and a good grasp of these lessons will help teachers instruct them very well and carefully to have the students produce a good quality of language accuracy...
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TESOL Certification Netherlands Heerlen Kerkrade
In this unit, classroom management is discussed and focuses on factors such as what teachers can do to engage students, and build a positive learning environment so all students can feel comfortable and participate...
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TESOL Certification Netherlands The Hague
From this unit, I learned the various roles of teaching that an individual may employ and utilize when teaching; these roles each serve distinct purposes and should be utilized when appropriate...
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TESOL Certification Netherlands Utrecht
summary The key objective of this unit is about learning the most used and successful theories, methods and techniques for teaching at different levels of English...
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TESOL Certification Netherlands Zoetermeer
The teaching of pronunciation is really important but often neglected by teachers, because they lack the confidence and training to teach such skill effectively...
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