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TESOL Certification Sweden Gothenburg
I have learned different kinds of Future Tenses, they are: Future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous and the usage of be going+ infinitive...
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TESOL Certification Sweden Malmoe
This unit outlines the differences between authentic material and created materials that can be used to teach a class...
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TESOL Certification Sweden Uppsala
The key objective of this unit was to understand how to use different teaching aids and equipment available in schools and centers...
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TESOL Certification Sweden Vasteras
This unit treats a range of commonly taught subject on English Grammar by looking closely on modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and the passive voice...
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TESOL Certification Switzerland Lucerne
This unit discusses ways to test the progress of students and is very useful as it touches on the points that, typically, even if teachers do not want to give formal exams, the schools or students expect them to...
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TESOL Certification Spain Granada
This unit provided me with a good understanding of the importance of being flexible in working with students and developing class course outlines...
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TESOL Certification Spain Leganes
In this unit I have learnt to differentiate the various types of examinations I can choose to apply for different situations...
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TESOL Certification Spain Leon
Unit 19 describes various ELL groups that a teacher may have including: beginners, individual students, children, students of buisness English or English for specific purposes (ESP), monolingual classes, and multilingual classes...
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TESOL Certification Spain Lleida
Unit 5 covered the different Teaching Themes, which includes; Songs, chants and music, games, stories, arts and crafts, seasonal activities and drama and movement...
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TESOL Certification Spain Mlaga
The content in Unit 6 went over past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses...
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TESOL Certification Spain Murcia
In this unit we covered the present tenses: the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Certification Spain Ourense
The main thing I learned in this unit was the fact that there are four basic language skills; reading and listening which are receptive as well as speaking and writing which are productive...
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TESOL Certification Spain Salamanca
I have learnt that eyes,voice and gesture are essential elements for the classroom management,and I know how to group my students to(whole class,individual and pair work)according to so many factors and I now understand their pros and cons,and it is so important to to know how to arrange the classroom depending on (the students age,their nationalities,the class size and the space available) and it can be in circles,horseshoe,rows or individuals and each of them has advantages and disadvantages,and about writing on the board the teacher has to maintain its rules, beside maintaining teachers talk time and students talk time to maintain discipline among the students in the class which depends upon many factors...
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