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TESOL Certification Turkey Inegol
The attitude of the teacher teaching the class will have a significant impact on the lesson and the way the students respond to him...
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TESOL Certification Turkey Izmit
In order to realize the purpose of communication, students need to develop their productive skills-speaking and writing...
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TESOL Certification Turkey Kayseri
This unit reviews the structure and usage of the five most common conditionals that are used for ESL teaching and, together with the accompanying video, has some suggestions for how to teach these...
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TESOL Certification Turkey Kirikkale
I most say that after reading Unit 2 I realized that grammar is an area of English that indeed can be very hard to teach and understand...
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TESOL Certification Turkey Kiziltepe
This unit covers the teaching of reading and listening skills, outlining the different skills involved in both reading and listening as well as explaining the difficulties that students typically encounter...
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TESOL Certification Tanzania Dodoma
From this unit, I feel that I have learned much about different ways to engage students and to get them studying so that they can activate all that they've learned...
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TESOL Certification Tanzania Mbeya
this unit was about what makes a good teacher, the reasons why a student may take an ESL course and what motivates them to do so...
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TESOL Certification Tanzania Tanga
Managing a classroom well means that a teacher must be flexible and be able to change their role in the class based on the present activity...
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TESOL Certification Tennessee Memphis
This unit focuses on the receptive skills, reading and listening, and how to foster and balance those skills in a lesson as well as over time...
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TESOL Certification Tennessee Murfreesboro
Unit eight made me realise how confusing and difficult it is for a foreign speaker to learn the English language, especially as there are seven types of future tenses...
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TESOL Certification Texas Arlington
This unit covered different teaching theories, outlined the methodology Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) and how this method can be flexible--also describing various activities that a teacher could use during each stage of ESA--and explained what mistakes/errors a teacher should correct and when those corrections should be made...
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TESOL Certification Thailand Bangkok
This unit was about the various conditional statements used in English as well as how to report what someone has said without directly quoting them...
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TESOL Certification Thailand Chiang Mai
The system and structure of past Tennessee is not too different from present tenses,except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods...
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TESOL Certification Thailand Nakhon Pathom
In this unit I learned about the seven most common future tenses which are: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple and present continuous...
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TESOL Certification Thailand Nonthaburi
There are a few nelected parts of the English language being taught, seems there is less writing being taught in class but is an imortant part for the lesson, so I will try to incorporate it in my lessons a bit more...
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