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N.Z. – U.S. said:
This unit discussed how to approach various special groups, such as young learners, multilingual classes, and people learning English for business purposes. The unit suggests that teaching younger learners or beginners in general is one of the most rewarding type of student to teach. Mostly, this stems from being able to see improvement more easily. Additionally, younger students pick up language more easily. When it comes to multilingual classes, the benefit is that it is usually in an English speaking country, which means they get more exposure to the language on a daily basis. Another benefit is that their only common language is English, which provides additional incentive to speak in English. When it comes to teaching Business English, the unit was reassuring about the teacher not needing to be a business expert. However, teaching Business English can be a mixed bag, according to the unit. Some students are highly motivated, while others are not interested because they are required to be there. With all of these special groups, the common theme seems to be that the teacher needs to assess the needs of his/her students and be aware of group dynamics.